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I am on a low-card eating plan; can I include No Calorie Noodles without 'cheating'?

All the goodness… Zero Guilt – and we really mean it! Because our noodles contain zero net carbs, 0.2g fat, AND yield just 5 calories per bag, they can be incorporated no matter what your diet entails! Did we forget to mention they are also wheat, gluten, soy, and lactose-FREE!

Suffering from a gluten-intolerance, are you sure these noodles will not cause and reaction?

No-Calorie Noodles are made purely of glucomannan, which is plant based. Those suffering from any form of gluten/wheat intolerance can enjoy our noodles with no undesirable effect.

Once I purchase my No-Calorie Noodles, do I store them in the fridge?

No Calorie Noodles need not be refrigerated. Please note they also are NOT SUITABLE for freezing. They have a shelf life of up to one year in your pantry/cupboard. Simply open the bag, rinse, and cook/add to your meal as desired. Leftovers of your dish should be refrigerated as normal.

I've purchased my bag, what would be the best way to try them out for a first-timer?

Congrats and welcome to the addictive world of No Calorie Noodles. The best part.- there is no guilt! Our noodles are packaged ‘ready-prepared’. All that is required is rinsing, draining, and patting dry. We recommend shirataki noodles in soups, stir-fries, stews, and even salads. The options are only limited to your imagination! (And depending on how fussy an eater you are, your palette!). Shirataki lack their own true flavour, which means as long as they’re incorporated in dishes you already enjoy, you will only reap the benefit of increasing the dish, without increasing the calories! Be sure to check out our RECIPES section for some tasty ideas and guidelines!

Are No Calorie Noodles considered a good food addition for diabetics?

Shirataki Noodles have no sugar! Because they contain zero net carbs, the only carb is present as a dietary fibre. This means there will be no impact on sugar levels. Diabetic sufferers can enjoy our noodles without worrying about GI or insulin levels.

Where can I purchase your product?

Please contact us via email so we are able to direct you to your nearest stockist. They can also be purchased directly via our website. Whether you’re a first-time customer, or are interested in becoming a No Calorie Noodle supplier, send your enquiries to and allow us to satisfy your noodle needs.

The bag had a weird aroma once opened, is this normal?

This is a common query. The smell you are experiencing is due to the calcium hydroxide used to preserve our product. It is completely harmless, and after being rinsed and drained will disappear

Can I replace family favourites such as Spagetti Bolognaise or Chicken Noodle Soup with No Calorie Noodles?

You sure can! No Calorie Noodles are so versatile, they can be substituted in most pasta dishes! It has the unbelievable ability to take on the flavours of any sauces/spices adorning your meal. From traditional favourites to exciting, new recipes our pasta can be integrated into almost any dish!

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