We will be taking orders again soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

It’s no secret that Corona has thrown a colossal curveball worldwide! THANKFULLY No Calorie Noodles is still serving up our strands and circles of satisfaction to you, our pasta patrons, one bulked up box at a time. However, this time around, your pining for our pearls and noshing on our noodles has proved too tremendous at this time! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to deal with an unforeseen delay in the sailing of our new stock! Please be patient! We promise to put all No Calorie Noodles back in-store and on shelves as soon as possible, and will be serving up our guilt-free goodness once again in no time! WE DO STILL HAVE LIMITED QUANTITIES OF BOXES IN A VARIETY OR TWO – email info@nocalnoodle.co.za to inquire about what stock is still available for purchase from us directly! Until then, visit your nearest No Calorie Noodles retailer for remaining stock and stop by our website or Instagram for regular updates!