No Calorie Butternut Fettuccine (per bag) – NEW


No Calorie Noodles –  Butternut Fettuccine



No-Calorie Noodles – Butternut Fettuccine

Try our thick flecks in your feast of flavour! No Calorie Fettuccine variety is a favourite in kugels and pasta bakes… or perhaps a pad-thai! A thicker style of pasta to pile into any dish… Guilt-free!


Energy Value, kl / 100g 10.8
Energy Value, cal / 100g 2.6
Dietry Fibre / 100g 1.6
Sodium / 100g 0.35
Protein / 100g 0.3
Fat / 100g 0.2
Carbohydrates / 100g 0.01g
Moisture content 97.8g

Courier and Delivery and Special Offers:

No Calorie Noodles is available for delivery countrywide! Orders in and around Gauteng are an additional R70, and all orders outside of Gauteng (KZN, Cape Town and outlying areas) will be an additional R95. Should you order 20 bags or more, the courier is complimentary. Order 36 or more and receive 10% discount on your total!


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